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Feel like decorating your home is a chore you can't bear to tackle?

Affordable Interior Designer Dallas

You've worked hard to get this home of yours and you just wish it looked as pretty as one of the homes in a magazine. 

But, the last time you tried to pull your house together you ended up with a mish-mash of furniture and accessories that made it appear that Home Goods exploded all over your house. You're ready to just get this home decorated once and for all. And? Without spending a fortune.

You are in the right place because I will help you give your space a makeover that won't break the bank and makes your home look like you've just been featured in one of those fancy pants home magazines.

Affordable Interior Design Firms Fort Worth Tx

Design has always been my passion! In the last year I have moved to Texas from Southern California and left the corporate world of Healthcare so that I can devote all my time to what I love.

At a young age, I traveled in Europe for five months by myself and was completely inspired by the architecture and detail. Since then I have traveled to many other places including Indonesia, Asia and South America and am captivated each time I see and learn about new places. Some of these destinations explode with color and others are muted and neutral. Each bring their own beauty.

Lighting and color temperatures, eclectic mix of old and new, repurposing and recycling old pieces are what I enjoy the most. A room can be done beautifully but if the lighting is not done correctly, it can be the difference of a good redesign and a fabulous one.

My goal is to help people redesign the spaces in their home to reflect who they are without it breaking the bank! I would love to hear from you.